Ozark Dale County Library

Library Policies

The following policies are applicable to all patrons to insure a safe and welcoming environment for all. Please click on the applicable title to view them in their entirety.

Library Code of Conduct

Everyone is welcome at the Library. The goal of the Ozark Dale County Library is to ensure that all patrons are able to enjoy their visit at the Library responsibly and safely. Your presence is an agreement to act courteously toward all library staff and other patrons by adhering to the following Library Code of Conduct.

Children's Code of Conduct

It is the Ozark Dale County Library’s (ODCL) policy to provide a safe and appropriate environment for library users of all ages. Children of all ages; therefore, are encouraged to visit the Library to take advantage of the many resources we offer. However, there have been instances where children have been left unattended and unsupervised while at the Library, particularly at or after closing time. The Library is not equipped, nor is it the Library’s role, to provide long- or short-term supervision of children of any age. Accordingly, for the concern and safety of our community’s children, the Ozark Dale County Library’s Board has approved the following rules and regulations in regard to children at the Library.

Internet Access Policy

The Ozark Dale County Library, Inc. (ODCL) strives to provide the means by which all people within its service area may have free access to a variety of thoughts and ideas. Therefore, this Library provides Internet access to the public so that we may meet
the informational, educational and recreational needs of our community. In using the internet, our patrons are allowed to become familiar with     state-of-the-art information technology.

ODCL has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be
held responsible for its content or accuracy. Therefore, users are notified that they are
responsible for the access points they reach. Parents of minor children must assume
responsibility for their children’s use of and exposure to the Internet through the library’s

Social Media Policy

The Ozark Dale County Library understands the importance of social media as a communication tool; thus, utilizes social media sites as a means to increase awareness of and accessibility to its programs, resources, and services. Additionally, the Library utilizes social media to support the Library’s mission to “...meet the informational, educational,
and recreational needs of the community through the use of current and emerging advances
in technology...”. The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for proper use of social media by the Library and its employees and patrons.

Filming & Photography Policy

The most significant priority for the Ozark Dale County Library, Inc. is to provide materials and services to the community in fulfillment of its Mission Statement. As such, the filming and photography policy described below is only allowed to the extent that it does not interfere with the provision of library services or its users’ ability to have a safe experience.

Circulation Policies

Our materials checkout for the following periods. 

  • Best Sellers & CD Audiobooks: 14 days

  • DVDs: 7 days

  • Genealogy: Do not checkout

  • Library of Things: 7 days

  • Required Reading, Deposit Required, & all other books: 28 days

The overdue fine schedule is as follows:

  • Best Sellers, CD Audiobooks, & DVDs: $0.50/day

  • Required Reading & Deposit Required: $0.25/day

  • Library of Things: $10/day, though subject to change with availability of new items

  • All other books:  $0.10/day