Ozark Dale County Library

Library Cards

Ozark & Dale County residents, employees*, and students (including Wallace Community College) can get their first library card for FREE; however, there is a $3 replacement fee for lost cards. Proof of living, working, or going to school is required - see specific requirements below.
If you do not reside, work, or attend school in Ozark/Dale County, you may still obtain a Library card for an annual membership fee of $15.
Please bring your library card anytime you wish to check out materials or use the computers.

*Employees refers to any individuals who work in Dale County.*

Adults, 19+

You must provide an Alabama Driver's License/ID for proof of current address. A piece of mail is necessary in addition to your ID, if the ID does not have the current address.

If you are working or attending school in the County, please provide proof such as work ID or paycheck stub, or school ID.

Children, 0-18 years

The parent or legal guardian is responsible for obtaining a library card with the child/children present.

The parent/legal guardian must provide the same proof as required by the Adults, 19+ library card. 

If the child lives out of county, but attends school in Dale County, a report card, school ID, or letter from the school is necessary.

Computer Access Only

Available to anyone for FREE  with an ID - there are no residency requirements or fees to obtain a computer access only card. 

These cards can be updated to full access with the appropriate documentation.